Friday, September 17, 2010



cried Daisy quite aghast! 

"You eat See-weed!?"
"Yes... SEAWEED... MMMmmm MMmm MMmmm" said the little crab... 
it's quite a delicacy!

"hmmm..... smells a bit fishy to me..." murmured Daisy.
In fact she was so shocked she forgot to blog about it for one year and four whole months!

"Urgh! It doesn't taste anything like grass, don't you have some nice hay I can eat round the the back somewhere?" she sniffled suddenly homesick.

"Well what we do to make it REALLY nice is wrap it around some cold rice with a bit of raw fish in the middle..." said the crab encouragingly licking his claws together "Maybe I have some hidden under a rock nearby if you want to visit?"

Daisy hesitated but then she realised she was here to have adventures, even if it was in strange foreign food.
"Uh OK..."

But right then and there what should happen but another cow appeared!

"Er hello!" Daisy piped up excitedly "Where did you come from?"

"I came across the sea from that little island over there, I had to wait until now because you can only cross when the tide goes out. It's a special road to the island called a "Cowsway"

"My name's Soo, Soo the Coo"

(That's funny I thought all cows were called daisy..)
"Nice to meet you I'm Daisy!"
"Well we're just off  to check out this crab's delicacy of raw fish, cold rice and seaweed" mentioned Daisy cheerfully trying to make the ingredients sound more appealing with a upbeat tone!

"Ooooooo! OOOO are we going eat Soo-Cheese!!??"
said the new cow
and off they went...