Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One day a cow called Daisy...

One day a cow called Daisy (because everybody knows all cows are called Daisy) woke up and decided to do something with her life.

‘All I do is live on this farm’, she thought, ‘I sleep and eat and eat and sleep and sometimes the farmer milks me or I chat to the sheepdog but there must be more to life surely? I’d like to see the world, travel to far off places or at least to the next farm. I hear they have pigs there and some creatures called ‘All-Packers’ who the sheepdog tells me are much furrier than cows.’

Hoping to catch sight of the ever elusive ‘All-Packers’ Daisy leaned over a bale of straw to peer out from hole in the old barn wall….
‘Oooooooo’ she murmured with delight and wonder for the most AMAZING thing had happened.

The whole world that just yesterday had been all shades of colours from grey to green with lots of browns and yellows and reds and blues and all things in between, the whole wide world had overnight turned completely and utterly WHITE!

‘Quick’ yelled Daisy’s friend Daisy (because everybody knows all cows are called Daisy)
‘We’re all going out to make snowcows!’

And off they went to play in the whiteness…

Suddenly, standing udder-high in sparkling white cold snow Daisy had an idea!
If she could only make her snowcow look just convincingly enough like herself that the farmer counting his cows from a distance might not notice that she was missing… (at least not until the snow melted anyhow) … then that would leave her enough time to sneak through the gap in the fence and out into the big wide white world and on to cow freedom….

and so she did,

and that was the start of all her adventures!


  1. Go, Daisy Cow, go! You can do it!

  2. O Daisy Daisy its a wide world, you cant always get by on just a smile girl! lol
    I Love this blog! Sarah xx